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Nordic Architecture Fair - LAN 2018 Obras

The city is often called ‘mankind’s most important invention’. And nowadays, cities are being discussed more than ever. The growth in urbanisation proceeds apace and there is no indication that it is slowing down. Why is this? How, in fact, do we plan our cities? Do we plan too much or too little? How do we create well-being? Why do some places thrive while others are reduced to ghost towns?

Nordic Architecture Fair - LAN
UIA Seoul World Architects Congress 2016 Exposiciones

The UIA (International Union of Architects) world congresses are a premier forum for professionals and future leaders in the field of architecture to exchange the best and latest practices, visions and first-hand experience. The UIA 2017 Seoul, in particular, will promote various innovative architectural techniques and technologies among member sections and global citizens. In doing so, academic programs, exhibitions, competitions, student activities, and public outreach programs will simultaneously take place.

UIA Seoul World Architects Congress
Australasian Architecture Congress in Sydney 2011 Concursos

The Australasian Student Architecture Congress (ASAC)—titled Agency 2017—will be held in Sydney from the 28th of November to the 2nd of December. It will be the first congress held in Sydney since 1999 and student-led by ASAC Inc., a non-profit student body based in NSW, Australia. ASAC has been student-led and held across the Asia-Pacific Region biennially since the 1960s. With a rich and diverse history, the congress brings practitioners and students together over a series of events providing an environment that encourages collaboration, networking, and the critical thinking needed for a knowledge exchange network between professionals and students alike.

Australasian Architecture Congress in Sydney